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Guide to obtaining free gems

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KingoftheNorth, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

    this is supported by google and itunes and works very well. It's a very simple way to obtaining free gems.

    Step 1 : Go to the market place and download the app " app trailers " it has the picture of a FilmReel and is made by AppRedeem Inc.
    Step 2 : Run the app, and be sure to allow push notifications or your points will not go through.
    Step 3 : Click the bottom right tab and register your account. Use my referral code "murmasa" this will give both you and I easy extra points. You can do this by going to the video tabs and clicking on " Enter Bonus Code ".
    Step 4 : Go to the videos tab and watch the 30 second trailers ( I will usually just click watch trailer and do something else )
    Step 5 : Be sure to download the app and try it for 2 minutes, App Trailers will notify you when it will count. This gives about 100-200 extra points which is a lot.
    Step 6 : When you have saved up enough points Itunes users will use points to get an Itunes cards, ( Google Play Card for the Android users )
    Step 7 : Use the card to purchase your gems in game

    Done ! It takes a small amount of work but after all it is free ;].

    P.S I would avoid doing the big point offers because most of them will send spam to your phone. The netflix and gamefly ones are legit though.
  2. Alphadin

    Alphadin New Member

    This is just a sham. Just move along.
  3. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

    Um... no actually it isn't. Your stubborn and ignorant if you think so.

    Why would the app be supported by Itunes if it is just a sham? Itunes is a billion dollar corporation, I think they are smart enough not to support fake apps.
  4. IAmClique

    IAmClique Member

    Please shut the heck up.
  5. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

  6. yvoo

    yvoo Well-Known Member

    Why is everyone hating??? Why don't you just try it out yoursel??? Personally I can't since I don't have android. So just stop hating, and actually try it out! It will only waste 30 seconds of your life, I think by writing that message takes more than 5 seconds.
  7. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

    Thank you! Someone who is mature enough to see the possibilities. And actually it works just as well on the Android
  8. Nickidge

    Nickidge Active Member

    Honestly, I completely fail to see the relevance this holds for either the prototype or for castle story in general. Congratulations on spamming the discussion board, I was hoping we'd at least get a few more months before nonsense like this started to pop up. Congratulations, you want to gain some form of (monetary?) reward through a referral system, your best bet? Doing it somewhere else. I'm going to guess the majority of the users of this board don't appreciate it.

    You speak of maturity, but you don't see the err in your actions? Surely someone who contained a reasonable measure of maturity would recognize the appropriate place to market their needs; i.e. not on the boards of a recent proto-released indie game.

    Yvoo, people are hating on this post because by the nature of it is spam. It is selfish by origin and unwanted in an area for discussion of the game. Sure people might want to give it a go, but there are appropriate places to inform those people of this particular method of who knows what. The last place to do it is the board titled "Castle Story Discussion". Heck he didn't even attempt to tie it back into the game, even with such an obvious parallel of the gems actual in it.

    Admittedly, I know me posting this won't stop you on your apparent foolhardy attempts at making yourself money or whatever other reward you are attempting to receive, but please, just do it somewhere else.

    Hell, at least put it in general discussion, or gaming discussion. At least then it's mildly appropriate.
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  9. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

  10. Nickidge

    Nickidge Active Member

    Hahah yeah you're right I don't speak for the board, hence the phrase "I'm going to guess". In this case however, I'm to throw myself out there and guarantee the majority want nothing to do with your post. Oh no, I know perfectly well there are people who will appreciate your "guide", however I'm going to assume (ass out of you and me right?) it's a fairly small majority. Especially considering you're in the completely wrong forums mate.

    ...It applies to this game? Please, point me to where in the castle story prototype you need to "purchase gems". You are so misled it has stopped being humorous. I'm curious, when you decided to post this here, did you actually check to see if it was the right game? I'm going to seriously guess that no, no you didn't. The forum you're currently in is for the game "Castle Story" by Sauropod Studio, on the PC. The game you're looking for (again, I assume) is "Castle Story" by TeamLava. An honest (and avoidable) mistake.

    So I apologize, your post isn't spam, at least not intentionally. That doesn't however exempt you from the fact that you appeared to have made no effort to check whether you were in the right place, and that following that blunder, you have been aggressive and unpleasant to practically everyone in your thread so far.

    What you may want to do now is apologize to everyone in the thread, ask an admin to remove your post, and go about your business on the correct forum.

  11. KingoftheNorth

    KingoftheNorth New Member

    Oh, you actually got me there. I did not realize I was in the wrong game forums . Oh well, i'm not going to go through the trouble of contacting an admin and such, as some people could benefit off this. But I do apologize actually. Feel free to "report" or whatever you want to do about it. Thanks anyways.
  12. Nickidge

    Nickidge Active Member

    Hey man, no hard feelings. I saw you firing off at the people in the thread and I assumed you were just another spammer. Mistakes happen! See you 'round.
  13. RoaRawR

    RoaRawR New Member

    no offence but referal fishing is not really something that suited for general castle story forum and referal fishing/click-my-add fishing is annoying as spam ;)

    there is no ingame store and humblebundle do not have this kind of system so where do you see this as a relevant for this game?

    if not, please don't make this a zerg hive and stay on castle story releated stuff:)
  14. Gijs

    Gijs Active Member

    Uninstall the game please.
  15. EmilAFN

    EmilAFN New Member

    @Gijs and RoaRawR, The creator of this thread realized this was the forums for another game with the same name :p
  16. Nickidge

    Nickidge Active Member

    Issue has already been settled guys haha. Report the post and let it die.
  17. steveadamo

    steveadamo Moderator Bot 1.0 Staff Member Moderator


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