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How To : Castle Story

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Toaster, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. corbald

    corbald Member

    How to Tunnel: As mentioned, you select 'Tunnel' from the options available in the mining menu and click an exposed face of a cliff (or your own pit mine for some Dwarfyesque fun ;P ) and you'll get the 'Entrance.' After this, you'll see some boxes (again as mentioned before) along the sides of the walls of the tunnel. Double(?) clicking them extends your tunnel in that direction. But here's something I have NOT seen mentioned. You can delete individual areas and tiles, as well as add stairs! Click the 'sword' icon in the mining window and select one of the top three check boxes for your tunnel, each allows you to edit it in different ways. From the left: Extend -> Delete -> Stairs. Furthermore, you can select 'slice' mode from the top buttons to get a better look at your tunnel as it's mined out!

    How to Mine Moar: Sometimes you don't need a giant pit mine right away, but later want to extend your mine down a bit more than you initially planned for. Click the mine's marker and then click the 'sword' icon in it's window. Viola, mine adjustments! CAUTION! Adjusting the mine can sometimes make your existing stairs break, stranding the miners in the pit!

    How to Load 'N Kill: When you load a saved game, you'll get your saved 'Trons and a bunch of new ones, presumably the default ones for the map. Build a small bridge off the edge of the map, connected to land with only one block, if you can manage it. Pile the excess 'Trons on the bridge and have a builder 'remove' the support block >;D (It seems that sometimes they just get stuck floating in the air, unable to fall ??)

    More: Many of the 'zones' have more available options in the 'sword' menu. If anyone can figure out what the Ctrl-z / Ctrl-y icons in the tunnel menu do, please, do tell!
  2. Lycanwarlord

    Lycanwarlord New Member

    Hey guys. Thanks for the post first of all. It's helped hugely.

    A little thing to add(I'm not sure if it's in the video): When bricktrons are carrying a log or block towards a blueprint they can drop down a 1 block high ledge but cannot climb up a 1 high ledge. This basically means that building stairs are essential or you can't build past three blocks high.

    A couple of things to clarify:

    Getting bricktrons doesn't require it to be night time. From what I can tell the more bricktrons you have the longer it takes for the next one to spawn(I am quite possibly wrong here). All I did was put a barrel beside the crystal and wait, my miners did the rest.

    It is infact possible to remove blocks, both blueprint and built. All you need to do is go into the build menu, select the block shape you want to remove and then shift click and it removes the blueprint or puts a yellow box over a placed block. I can post images if it's any use.

    Finally I have a question. Has anybody figured out how to get wooden platforms to work in a similar manner to the trailer? I can't seem to get horizontal "joists" to work.

  3. Lycanwarlord

    Lycanwarlord New Member

    They appear to do nothing when clicked but they are actually undo and redo buttons. In other words hitting ctrl+z will undo the last order you gave for the tunnel.
  4. corbald

    corbald Member

    That's what I figured, but as they didn't actually appear to DO anything, I wasn't sure, thanks.

    The joists took a bit for me to figure out. You'll need a vertical wooden log on each side, with a gap of no more than three blocks in between. Place the first two horizontal logs AFTER the vertical ones are built, by clicking on the sides of the vertical logs. After the first two horizontal logs are built, place the third, connecting log, in between. Planks can then be built in the open spaces around those logs, though placement is finicky. I suggest pausing you builders while you design so they don't build your flubs ;P

    Some time later:

    How to Terraform: Sometimes you want to level some terrain, or remove the top of a mountain! Use a pit mine! You can select just a layer or two! (Edit: Must select at least two layers... not sure if this works now) Later, remove the stairs!
  5. Lycanwarlord

    Lycanwarlord New Member

    Thanks mate. I assumed it would be something like this but I couldn't seem to quite figure out how. Gonna see if I can get it working now
  6. BigBobbie

    BigBobbie New Member

    I know how to use the X-Ray. The important thing here is the level at which you are working. This level is shown as the line going down to the ground from your cursor when moving. To go up/down levels, scroll without using the space bar. The X-Ray mode will "slice" all terrain that is above the cursor level and in some area (I don't know how to change the size).

    Not very usefull for me as I still don't know how to make tunnels.
  7. Mr.Rocde

    Mr.Rocde New Member

    Don't know if this should be put in this thread or not but if you move a Bricktron who is currently chopping down a tree away from the tree this causes a bug that I like to call Derptron. The Bricktron in question is now unable to do ANY sort of task besides moving around. As far as I am aware there is no way to fix this bug.
  8. iamKeisers

    iamKeisers Active Member Wiki Editor

    Ctrl+Z / Cmd+z
    it's not when you click that button, but if you do that key command while looking at your tunnel you can select segments of the wall to expand instead of the entire wall, this works for stairs as well.
  9. Atilme

    Atilme New Member

    I got my bricktrons to another island, I thought I should post here how I did it.

    Basically, you build a stair bridge in the direction of the island, to above the new island. Then you take some bricktrons in the idle group and place them at the very top. Next, remove the supports at about level with the new island, and the bricktrons at the top should fall and land on the new island. Then you can make a mine and build the bridge from the other way. It's kinda complicated, and it doesn't look too good. I suspect the devs just edited in bridges (or spawned bricktrons on both sides, either way). If anyone has a better way, I'd love to hear it.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ckjtr7b8hevwhyt/Castle Story Island Bridge.jpg
  10. WafflesHouse

    WafflesHouse New Member

    I see many pictures of wooden columns being intersected by wooden logs to created floors and ceilings and such. I can't seem to attach a log to the SIDE of a column, only the top. Help would be greatly appreciated. :]
  11. TheMurumasa

    TheMurumasa Member

    How to spawn Bricktrons - Video tutorial.

    Subscribe for more :)
  12. Sparrow

    Sparrow New Member

    I need help! I have recently been playing castle story and i have run into a problem i hope i can fix. I've been playing castle story for about an hour now and i have made an awesome castle! I wanted to go get something to eat so i went to go and save my game. I pressed the Esc key, and the menu didn't show up. I kept pressing Esc and still the menu would not show up. In the top right corner of the screen there are a few buttons: Camera Control, Terrain Flyby, XRay Vision, Day/Night Cycle, and System Menu. I clicked on system menu and nothing showed up still. I tried all types of things but i still cannot open the menu to either save or exit the game. The last thing i want to do is end the process and lose all of my hardwork i just did. If anyone can help that would be GREAT! Thanks ahead of time...

  13. vamp658

    vamp658 New Member

    I'm sorry but as of now(to my knowledge) that is a glitch that can not be fixed by other than the devs.
  14. Tyran Scorpi

    Tyran Scorpi Active Member

    Only way to avoid it is to only hit ESC to open and close the main menu, if you hit return to game or open it with the button in the top right, it locks you out of being able to open the menu a second time.
  15. vamp658

    vamp658 New Member

    Thanks well now we know how to avoid this issue
  16. Lycanwarlord

    Lycanwarlord New Member

    Catapults take Four wood and Two stone to build. Bricktrons will carry the materials to the outside edge of where the cata will be and "add" them to it. Once all the resources are there the catapult will spawn. Just to let you know.
  17. Zzar

    Zzar New Member

    Hello again, I did another beginner guide to compliment the first one now.
    Thisone bites over a few more "advanced" subjects :p
    Such as bridges, multiple floors, tunneling, spawning more bricktrons, avoid stuck brictrons / pathing optimization, and more :)
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  18. Wormy

    Wormy New Member

    Not bad, but you missed the fact you can extend planks the exact smae way as you extended the logs, one on each side and a third in the middle.
  19. Zzar

    Zzar New Member

    Oh yes, you are right.
    I'll try to mention that in the next one :) Thanks for informing me
  20. Bozworth

    Bozworth Member

    thank you SO much Zzar :)
    your videos have helped me understand the game much better now