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Leveling up and achievmints !!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by saipan45, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. saipan45

    saipan45 New Member

    Hey guys I am new to the forums, but I have been thinking, what about leveling up and achievmints to help with leveling. Stuff like mine and create first block, create first archer, kill first corruptron... and for each level up you get you could spend on a tech tree is one thing i've heard, or maybe getting a bricktron, or even just getting a little stockpile of resources. What do you guys think of my idea. I would like honest responses, and if any improvements to it let me know. :)
  2. moncho

    moncho Active Member

  3. Dot

    Dot Active Member

    Welcome to the forums saipan45

    If anything i would like a point system think dwarf fortress embark screen.
    Not crazy though (think wool bags vs alpaca wool bags)
    If its done I would like it simple say after xxx achievement points you can start with an extra btron or a wood stockpile full nothing to op and only in single player

    on a final note......
  4. Doktor J

    Doktor J Active Member Wiki Editor

    Welcome! As moncho said, there's another thread discussing an experience system for the Bricktrons. The devs have already indicated they plan on having achievements for the players, but I think the achievements should only grant bragging rights, not anything game-affecting. There will always be some achievements that certain players can never get (for example, non KS/PP backers will never get the "you found yourself" achievement for Credit Island, since they won't be on Credit Island), so offering game-altering bonuses for getting achievements would end up putting some players at a disadvantage to others.
  5. yvoo

    yvoo Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums ( again )

    Yes but having game-altering achievements makes the game funner. But don't have massive changes just little subtle ones such as getting a new bricktron after a certain REALLY hard achievement, or maybe start with one wood for an easy one. Obviously virtually everyone would have the easy ones so it wouldn't really be much of a disadvantage, also I don't really understand why people don't want things because of disadvantage I don't understand??? If they don't want disadvantages or advantages why not play singleplayer????
  6. Doktor J

    Doktor J Active Member Wiki Editor

    Because they might want multiplayer without suffering an inherent handicap due to being unable to complete a given objective (such as the KS "find yourself" achievement). Saying "go play singleplayer if you don't want to be at a disadvantage" is basically telling them "guess what, you paid for the whole game like everyone else but now you can either play half of it with a mandatory handicap, or just live with playing only the other half of the game".
  7. saipan45

    saipan45 New Member

    Hey guys I didn't think that this would get a response this fast cool but I think that we should be able to get achievements but only things that are very minimal like a brick or two or maybe a piece of wood... that sort of stuff not anything to game changing but just something to help out a little. Or even like yvoo said after completing a really hard achievement like have ten of your bricktrons die you get one free bricktron for completing the achievement. Okay maybe that's not that hard but it is not so drastic the whole game gets thrown out of balance. Yes, I agree that some achievements should only get you bragging rights, such as the You found yourself achievement, but besides that I think it would be awesome to have achievements. BTW so psyched that prototype comes out in only 15 days it's gonna be awesome.
  8. Dot

    Dot Active Member


    i just want to type that i would like the adv at the start of SINGLE PLAYER
    yeah i think it would definitely end mplayer there
  9. Klaleara

    Klaleara Member

    Achievements could unlock cosmetics. Like a certain looking block (But equal to stone), or certain metal, darker wood, etcetc.
  10. kalric

    kalric Well-Known Member

    You guys are all looking at this the wrong way!! We should all be wanting achievmints! I love mints, and if Sauropod post me some chocolate every time I acheived something that would be very satisfying!
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  11. yvoo

    yvoo Well-Known Member

    Finally we agree on something. :D
  12. bills6693

    bills6693 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Wiki Editor

    Yep cosmetics 100%

    Basically, there are achivements for a variety of things, and rewards would all be cosmetic (in addition to bragging rights).

    Achivements would fall under a few categories. These could be, with example achivements-

    Metagame: statistics from across all games
    10,000 bricks placed
    100,000 bricks placed
    1,000,000 bricks placed
    10,000,000 bricks placed
    123,456,789 bricks placed
    1,000 corruptrons killed
    5,000 corruptrons killed
    10,000 corruptrons killed
    100 bricktrons spawned
    1,000 bricktrons spawned
    5 minibosses killed
    20 minibosses killed
    you get the idea

    These are like metagame but only last for your one particular game, and so the numbers are lower too.

    Events: these last across all games PLUS a special reward in the game you complete it in
    Found the crystal caverns
    Killed the giant and his servants
    Slew the mountain king
    Found the corruptron stockpile

    etc etc.

    The way items would work is that each one gives you one unique item in each game you can place. There would be a special/seperate menu (so its not cluttering up the normal brick-placing radial) for this.

    Every metagame and event achivement unlocks a cosmetic thing in here for you for every game - so if you had placed 10,000 bricks, in every game you will be able to place its reward (probably a specially coloured/textured brick or something - nothing too fancy). For killing 1,000 corruptrons - a small statue of a bricktron pulling his sword out of a corruptron. For finding the crystal cavern - an interesting, cosmetic but light-emitting crystal formation to place.

    Every ingame and event achivement also provides something you can place in the game its completed in (and can be 'completed' in every game, so by for example finding the crystal cavern in one game doesn't mean you can't get its in-game reward again in another game).
    Ingame rewards I would imagine could include banners and flags (and this is the only way you could get them, perhaps). Event rewards would be more things like statues and cool things (fountains, crystals, lightsources, etc etc).

    The purpose is that your metagame things are bragging rights that you have achived so many metagame things, or have completed challenging or difficult tasks for event rewards, during your time playing, and you can display that and show off in every game.

    The ingame and event ingame rewards are to show off during that game your progress, and reward more for long games. It'd also be there to show a bit of a 'story' of your game and add a bit more charecter that is unique to each game you play rather than just having those ones the same every game, always with the same rewards at the start.

    They would be cosmetic and have minimal impact on balanced gameplay (you could argue its resourceless placement so you could use it to barricade, lightsources etc but if you can get less impacting for this level of coolness then go for it :p)
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  13. steveadamo

    steveadamo Moderator Bot 1.0 Staff Member Moderator

    i love the idea for achievements and the varying types (single game, cross game, etc.)

    as goofy as they are, at the end of the day, its still rewarding to see those "got wood" type announcements... ;)
  14. Klaleara

    Klaleara Member

    You know what would be cool. Is when you gain an achievement, you get a trophy, or plaque that you could place in your castle.

    Also for the Mountain King achievements, possible put their head on a mount, and stick it on the wall!
  15. bills6693

    bills6693 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Wiki Editor

    Klaleara, we are on the same page, thats basically what I am suggesting - although I was going more for statues and banners/flags than for trophies and plaques, but yeah basically we are saying the same thing.
  16. Klaleara

    Klaleara Member

    Cept my idea is better. Period. End of discussion.
  17. bills6693

    bills6693 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Wiki Editor

    Well personally I'd rather have something interesting and unique to mark the things I've done than a plaque or trophy for each one. And anyway how do you find a cave and in there there is a plaque saying 'you found me, well done!'?

    Think of Evil Genius if you have ever played, basically if you haven't the system in that I'm referring to is that on the 'world map' where you send your minions to do nefarious deeds, you can do things like steal famous items and such. For example you can steal a spacesuit from a museum, or a famous vase, rug, a discovered frozen man, etc etc. And for doing this you actually get to place an item in your secret base, basically the item you stole. Instead of a trophy saying you have done a nefarous deed, you got a relevant placeable unique item.

    In this game, for example - you visit the crystal cave and you bring back a crystal formation. You slay a load of corruptrons and they make a statue about it. You slay the mountin king and his monstorous head is on a pike (you suggested that yourself!). You kill the spider queen and you stuff her body and cart it back or something like that...

    I'd much rather have stuff like than than plaques and trophies! :p
  18. kalric

    kalric Well-Known Member

    Yep, love the idea of placeable conquest items that match the conquest. Not sure how a stuffed giant corruptron would work, but it would certainly give the tone of my entrace hall though :p
  19. bills6693

    bills6693 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Wiki Editor

    its a spider dammit :p I'd say statues showing heroic poses, and various other parifinalia too, a wide variety is best

    EDIT: A giant's huge, brickgron-tall hand, severed from its body and dragged back to the castle... cool :p
  20. Klaleara

    Klaleara Member

    You could take the giants weapon (Maybe give it to a Bricktron), the head, some sort of accessory he had on (Mountain King could give a crown). etcetc