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Need help with OSs (Ubuntu/Windows)

Discussion in 'Alternate Off Topic' started by TheRealRMike, May 29, 2012.

  1. TheRealRMike

    TheRealRMike Active Member

    So, my laptop now has a legal Windows on it, and I have recently been checking out other Operating Systems with VMWare Workstation (for those who don't know this; this is a program that lets you install operating systems within Windows).

    I totally checked out the newest Ubuntu 12.04, and I love it! Unfortunately, for educational purposes, I NEED Windows.

    But no problem, I thought; I'll just dualboot it! Perfect solution.
    The thing is, I don't know what will happen if I just create a new partition and install Ubuntu on that. Will it screw up, and only boot Ubuntu? Or will it recognize both OSs and work properly?

    Here's my current configuration:
    The C: Partition is the one I definitely need to keep intact, as it contains my Windows folder.
    Then the Unallocated section is where I would like to create the Ubuntu partition.
    Those 2 would need to dualboot, and the D: partition is just a non-active partition which I only use for downloading movies and such. (Totally legal ofcourse.)

    I study IT but no one in my class (not even teachers) know if installing Ubuntu will mess up the boot sequence.
    I'm hoping one of the people here do.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. WaffleZ

    WaffleZ Magic Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Grub will automatically detect Windows 7 after install. No worries.
    You'll just need to select which OS to boot from on start up.
    Just make sure you don't install Ubuntu on all the disk, make sure to select the ~90GB of un-allocated space.
  3. TheRealRMike

    TheRealRMike Active Member

    Lol yeah, if i did that, I'd be a very bad IT student :p
    But awesome, thanks for the confirmation.