No Build Menus showing?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by giantk33, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. giantk33

    giantk33 New Member

    My trouble seems to be that i can get into the game and start playing but when i select any of the jobs, none of the build menus come up. All i am able to do is tell the workers where to go. Anyone have a solution or answer to why this is happening?
    thank you
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  2. Ogawa

    Ogawa New Member

    I also don't see any menus, is there a hotkey you have to press in order for them to appear or something like that? :confused:
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  3. thlycanthrope

    thlycanthrope New Member

    Same here. I cut down some trees then just stood there. I even watched the some How to YouTube vids. I simply don't have the menus.
    I'm using Win 7 Home SP1 64-bit. I tried good and fantastic graphics and it had no effect.
    Also 1024x768 res
  4. Ogawa

    Ogawa New Member

    Oh if it means anything, I'm using Win 8 64-bit, 1920x1080 res fullscreen mode, fantastic graphics. Other settings didn't seem to make a difference.
    Game build is the prototype (021,008)
  5. thlycanthrope

    thlycanthrope New Member

    I figured it out. Make sure you don't have any guy selected. Then select the saw, then hold right-click over open land. You will get a place structure option in the radial menu.
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  6. Ogawa

    Ogawa New Member

    Okay that works, thanks :D
    Maybe they should mention it somewhere in game? :p
  7. Hollow

    Hollow New Member

    Yeah, the lack of direction is a big issue at the moment. There are online tutorials to help you but they're generally based on a version that's before the radial menu, so they'll have menus appearing where you don't. Holding down the right mouse button will bring up a radial menu, from where you can select basically anything.
  8. ferds814

    ferds814 New Member

    you can now rightclick and hold down to creat a radial menu, that makes building easier and faster