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Trademark of the name "Castle Story"?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by kadney, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. kadney

    kadney Member

    Dear Castle Story fans,
    while looking into some posting behaviour of a specific person, I noticed that there are some threads in this forum where people post stuff about "Castle Story" that seem to be talking about a completely different game.
    So I tried to made some research about "Castle Story". If you search for "Castle Story" with google, the first results for me look like this:
    1. Sauropod Studio homepage
    2. Castle Story by Sauropod Studio — Kickstarter
    3. Castle Story – Wikipedia
    4. Castle Story Online - Official Forums

    Okay, so no real hint around this side. In one thread some person was asking for some "potion shop". So let's google "Castle Story potion shop" and you see that it's about some iOs game application.

    So let's check iTunes:

    So we get that it says "Castle Story" in the shop, developed by "TeamLava" and the last update was done on Oct 25th 2012.
    "TeamLava" seems to be a developer team for a studio called "Storm8", that can be found here:
    Sadly I couldn't find any information about the initial release of the game. Even their spare "news" don't contain the word "castle story" even once. Looks like teamlava had a website itself at "www.teamlava.com" but it refers to storm8.

    The only release dates I could find state some date around Sep 20th, 2012 (from topappstoday) / Sep 21st, 2012 (from a cheater site lol)
    The official facebook site from "TeamLava" mentions "Castle Story" first in a post on Nov 8th, 2012.

    A quick google search for "Castle Story trademark" leads to Justia which says:
    Filing Date 2012-10-11
    Owned by: Sauropod Studio Inc./Studio Sauropode Inc. (YAY!)
    Serial Number: 85751986

    So yeah, I am not such a trademark expert but I was wondering if that application developer is allowed to use the name "Castle Story". Just wanted to show this up for the community to discuss about it.

    For me it looks like Storm8 / TeamLava is violate against Sauropods trademark for the name "Castle Story".
    Would like to see some official response aswell or should I write some E-Mail to Sauropod?

    Have a nice weekend. :)
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  2. radical_edward

    radical_edward New Member

    Hey I've actually been to their forum, don't remember how I found it though. Was a little surprised but didn't think much about it... I remember though there was activity there, people discussing latest balancing changes, stuff like that. So the game might be already out for some time...
    Well, no expert on Trademarks either but I would say it can't hurt to pass on some Information about a possible problem right?
  3. steveman0

    steveman0 Member

    By my understanding Trademark disputes are largely handled by prior use and since Castle Story can easily traced back to at least last year those guys will have to consider a change of name. If I recall the rules are that anyone can lay a TM claim on a logo or name but there are specific rules for applying for a Restricted TM claim (the circled R) which generally involve extended use and brand recognition.
  4. yvoo

    yvoo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that Kadney.
  5. DMII

    DMII Active Member

    For a second I feared a forced name change coming. Well, if it comes at all it luckily won't be for us. ^^