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Environment Underground "castles", caves, and dungeons.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Noc, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Noc

    Noc Member

    well, since this game is voxel-based I figured the devs could take the oppurtunity and allow us to build underground. Of course there is an issue with the camera, but I think that's just a bump in the road.

    Anyways, I'd like to not only be able to dig underground areas out, It would also be cool if caves could naturally be there, to explore, kill monsters, and take over. Perhaps they could contain rare ores.

    Anyways, I'd love to see this implemented, and as I said before, because the game is voxel based, it would be crazy to pass up the opportunity.
  2. Brock

    Brock Member

    I had a similar thought with building underground. I think it's a good thought & should be put into consideration. Dungeons & caves however are already being discussed.
  3. Jojaxium

    Jojaxium Member

    [​IMG]In summary, islands - SMALL, people - FALL, water - BAD
  4. Noc

    Noc Member

    Anyways, of course digging through would make you fall under.

    Also there was a similar thread posted earlier while I was typing this one. (Just my luck) Sorry for putting out two similar threads. :/
  5. WaffleZ

    WaffleZ Magic Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Let's not make people fall then D:!
    Poor little bricktron...
  6. August

    August Active Member

    i'd love the idea of building underground, though the current size of islands seems like it would severely limit this.
    i suggested this on my own topic before, but larger islands, Floating Continents of some kind, would be nice for this.
    also, i was thinking that the camera problem could be fixed with some sort of Z-Level view, like in Dwarf Fortress:
    there would be the standard view (isometric bird's eye view, like in the video), a top-down view for looking into castles, then a Z-Level view that allows you to phase through blocks (i have no idea how to describe this better).
    you'd scroll in or out, and it would make your view, idk, move in closer and farther out. if your view goes into a block, the block/landmass would become transparent.
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  7. elijah

    elijah Active Member

    i looked up a video of dwarf fortress and was quite confused... explain it to me. so i understand your post.
  8. August

    August Active Member

    read that, it should help you understand what i was talking about, kinda. it's difficult to explain without playing the game.
    if you want me to explain Dwarf Fortress to you.... that's gonna take some time. it's a great game though, send me a PM if you really want me to go into the details XD
  9. drizztmainsword

    drizztmainsword New Member

    Figuring out the correct way to show units underground is an challenge. My first impulse would be to have all Bricktrons rendered as an outline when behind an object. Then, if they are selected or if the player mouses over them, the blocks obstructing them from the camera would become semi-transparent.

    I don't think a full-on z-axis-aligned camera would work well, or look that good either.
  10. August

    August Active Member

    that's actually a really good idea. they could extend the outline thing to all creatures, for example, Bricktrons would be outlined in yellow, and Enemies in black/purple (since that seems to be their color scheme).

    you're probably right, it wouldn't look that great. but a toggle-able top-down view at least would be very nice for looking into castles, especially ones with high walls.
    though now that i think of it, from the video it looks like they can move their view around by clicking and dragging anyways, like in an MMO. of course, a button for quickly snapping the camera to a certain position would still be convenient.
  11. Xylord

    Xylord Active Member

    I think we should do just like in Roller coaster Tycoon, where when you build something underground, a portion of the terrain between you and the tunnel becomes transparent, and stops when you stop working on it.
  12. Acds

    Acds New Member

    The game being 3D camera movement bound by Z-levels would feel awkward and irritating. However, you could simply have a Z-level indicator that works by making anything above the set height transparent, that way you can see what is inside islands without problem while still maintaining full 3D camera movement.

    Also I'm quite sure it's confirmed that you can build underground. You can mine out underground parts, and the devs themselves said that you can make tunnels, so just mine out a large area underground and then build the walls down there instead of topside. I mean the devs would have to intentionally forbid underground building for it not to work, and I see no reason for them to do so.
  13. Unified

    Unified New Member

    Hmm Il ike the idea of being ontop of land, if it was beneath life would get too complicated o.0 good suggestion.
  15. Noctes

    Noctes New Member

    The suggestions above are all good but I'd like to suggest something else.
    Maybe anyone has played the Stronghold series? Well I played a lot of Stronghold Crusader and it is also a game about making castles and defending them (stronghold, duh)
    Well the building part could become quite messy as buildings would be clumped together and you'd lose sight of certain buildings. Especially for this and building walls they added this feature:

    When you'd chit spacebar ALL buildings and terrain would become flat. Every building or rock would be without any height and you could select and see empty spaces easily.

    Well as Castle Story of course is full 3D the exact system won't work. Still I think a function in which you could toggle between the ''normal'' view and a view in which underground areas are showed, ignoring terrain.
    I don't think it will be easy or perfect but I'm sure such kind of system could work and I'm just throwing it out there ^^
  16. Jojaxium

    Jojaxium Member

    I noticed on the video that most of the land is flat, with some sparse hilling. So a flattener of terrain would be fairly useless.
  17. elijah

    elijah Active Member

    what happens if you are having an underground war and an above ground war at the same time??
  18. Noctes

    Noctes New Member

    Switching between modes would be very easy and only cost a blink of an eye. I'm sure it would be perfectly manageable

    I'm not saying hills should be flattened only, I mean terrain in such way only underground levels are visible.
  19. TheRealRMike

    TheRealRMike Active Member

    Raging on the spacebar it is.

    I like the idea, totally in for building awesome huge hidden citys under the ground lol
    About changing the view; it could be done making some sort of special torch. Around the torch anything blocking it from seeing it, could be erased from the view. (man it sucks sometimes when English isn't your first language xD). This feature could also be turned of with some hotkey when the user wants that.
  20. August

    August Active Member

    yeah, seems like a good idea. every building/block would have a 'base' that is shown when you toggle it.